Assembling the Cabinets


How are our cabinets assembled? Every cabinet begins with a CAD (Computer aided design) which is drawn up by our designer here at LSG Woodwork. This CAD not only allows you to visualize what your finished cabinet will look like, but it also creates a cut-list with detailed measurements so that we can begin the project.

Each piece is cut to precision in the shop using prefinished plywood or melamine for the cabinet box. When the pieces are ready, it’s time to assemble the cabinet. The pieces are carefully screwed together according to our standard of accuracy. Next comes the drawer-slides which are fastened on each side of the cabinet gables. Here at LSG we prefer the Movento soft-close drawer slides.

Having completed the boxes, the team then proceeds to construct the drawers. Each drawer is comprised of five pieces which are glued, nailed, and stapled together. Baltic birch drawers using dovetail joinery is also an option.

The cabinets are now ready for the doors. When we receive our doors from our supplier,  each door is sanded before finishing.  When they have dried, the team sands them again before applying the final coat. These finished doors are then fastened with screws and your cabinets are now ready to be installed.